Payment for all orders on must be made on the checkout page using one of the following methods:


Paypal supports the following payment methods:

1. PayPal Cash/PayPal Cash Plus Account Balance
2. Valid Debit/Credit card may be used, provided that your issuing bank permits you to use these online for Secure Card payments.
3. PayPal Credit


Razorpay supports the following card networks:

1. Visa
2. Mastercard
3. American Express
4. Bajaj
6. Maestro
7. Rupay

Upon selecting one of the aforementioned payment methods you confirm that the credit/debit card that is being used is yours and that all details you provide to us in respect thereof including, without limitation, name and address details are complete, correct and accurate. You further confirm that the credit/debit card is valid and the inputted payment details are correct. All credit/debit cardholders and payment account holders are subject to validation checks and authorization by the card issuer or payment method provider. If the issuer of your card or payment method refuses to authorize payment we will not accept your order and we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery.


1. In order to enhance the security of your payment data, we automatically redirect you to the acquiring Bank payment gateway website. This is where all your transaction details (i.e. credit/debit card number, expiration date, CVV etc.) are captured on a secure payment page which are then encrypted and are security transmitted to your Card Issuing Bank.

At no point of time during the process of purchase or after it does Gaurav Gupta Studio (Reflect Sculpt Pvt. Ltd.) have an access to, or stores your complete card account information. For more details on this concern please refer to our privacy policy.

2. To ensure greater security, PayPal and RazorPay have enabled our systems for Verified by VISA and Mastercard Secure Code facility, applicable to VISA and MASTERCARD respectively.

This is an additional security measure necessitating you to enter a password, which only you, the cardholder, can have access to. does not access or capture any such passwords; they are entered directly into a bank secure system.

3. It is common for a request for credit / debit card authorization to fail once or twice before the card is finally authorized.

This might happen due to problems with your card issuing banks servers. You must follow through the process till you get a successful notification.

4. There can be instances where the bank payment servers or your issuing banks payment servers may be down, in this case, a message will be posted informing you of the same.

You can continue shopping and add items to the bag. These can be saved and you can come back later and complete the payment transaction within a 24-hour period.

5. The card bill payment will appear in your local currency (as per the norms of your card issuing bank). You will be charged in Indian currency as per prevailing rate of exchange and in accordance with the charge policies of your card issuer.

Disclaimer: As we are a company based in India, any transactions placed outside of India may appear as international. Depending on your payment method, you may be subject to a bank fee and as this is a bank charge we regret we are unable to influence this. Please note that these fees are non refundable by Gaurav Gupta Studio.

If your credit/debit card or payment method is not denominated in the currency of your purchase indicated on the Platforms, the final price may be charged in the currency of your card or account.

Such final price is calculated and charged by your card issuer or bank or payment method provider and therefore we shall not be responsible for any cost, expense, charge or other liability which may be incurred or suffered by you as a result of your card issuer or payment method provider charging you in a different currency other than the currency of your purchase as displayed on the Platforms.

You will be charged for products at the point and time of purchasing on the platform.